About us

NRMA Safer Driving School helps you develop safer driving habits on the road.

Unlike regular learn-to-drive organisations, the skills we teach go well beyond the minimum standard in terms of low risk driving practices. So what you learn with us will be for life, rather than simply just passing the driving test. Whether you've been driving for 5 days or 50 years, you'll improve your ability to anticipate hazards and learn the best course of action for any driving situation.

About NRMA Safer Driving School

At NRMA Safer Driving School we:

  • Teach you low risk skills to make you a safer driver for life 
  • Have fully accredited driving instructors, who let you tailor your lesson to the skills you want to focus on
  • Use a fleet of modern vehicles in either automatic or manual transmission
  • Offer convenient pick-up and drop-off at over 40 locations across NSW and ACT
  • Provide NRMA Group discounts and offers.

Another reason to learn with NRMA Safer Driving School

Did you know that 1 hour spent with an accredited driving instructor will count for 3 hours in the learner driver logbook in NSW? This change allows for a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours in the logbook. Find out more about the 1 for 3 offer.

NRMA Safer Driving School - the safer way to get a drivers licence, in less time.

Call 1300 696 762 to book your driving lessons with NRMA Safer Driving School. A local NRMA Safer Driving Instructor will pick you up at a time and location convenient to you.


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