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Safer Drivers Course

NRMA Safer Driving School is at the forefront of safer driver training on the Central Coast.

$60 Learner Lessons available. 

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About us

At NRMA Safer Driving School Central Coast, our best practice curriculum focuses on low risk driving techniques to assist students to become safer drivers for life and not to just pass their driving test.

Why choose NRMA Safer Driving School Central Coast?

  • We appoint only the highest quality driving instructors each of whom undergoes additional training to meet NRMA Safer Driving School's quality standards.
  • Each driving instructor has been chosen not only for their skills as professional educators but for their enormous passion for what they do.
  • Regular re-training programs are provided to all NRMA driving instructors to ensure they are fully abreast with any changes in industry practice and modern education techniques.
  • All Central Coast driving instructors are member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (ADTA) and comply with the Code of Ethics.
  • NRMA are the experts in motoring and road safety with over 90 years experience in the community.

Local activities

Safer Drivers Course

NRMA Safer Driving has just celebrated its 150th Safer Drivers Course on the Central Coast.

Since the road safety initiative was launched in August 2013, more than 1,500 Central Coast students have become safer drivers through attending the course.

The Safer Drivers Course consists of two modules:

  • Module 1, a three hour classroom component; and
  • Module 2, two hours on the road with a NRMA-accredited driving instructor where students apply the theory of safe driving from Module 1 into practical application.

And on completion of the course learners receive a 20 hour credit in their learner log book.

Our Central Coast driving school conducts the course weekly in locations such as Erina, The Entrance and Wyong.

See our lesson pricing table below for course costs and how to book.

Jack Thompson of Terrigal, one of the students in the 150th Central Coast course with facilitator and NRMA driving instructor, Michael Croxton.

The course is entertaining and highly interactive, drawing on a collection of feedback from students of their own driving experiences.

Joanne Davidson discusses safe driving techniques outlined in the Course Workbook with student Brittany Hayward of Woongarrah at a recent Safer Drivers Course at Wyong.

Road crash types and techniques to avoid them are discussed in one of the "break out" groups. Kayla and Natasha of Lake Munmorah and Rebecca of Kanwal are pictured with NRMA instructor Joanne.

Senior driver forums

NRMA Safer Driving are actively involved with the Central Coast community and are passionate about the safety of its locals. We are often asked to conduct forums and talks with the local community including a series of Central Coast Road Safety Seminars for Seniors aged 55 and over.

The "Getting Around Safely Forums" at Erina, Ettalong Beach, Tumbi Umbi and Budgewoi were conducted by the Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council. NRMA Senior Assessors Ian Crowther and Michael Croxton spoke on the challenges facing Senior Drivers and provided valuable tips on driving and pedestrian safety. Other speakers included Council Road Safety Officers and representatives of Sydney Trains Opal Card.

NRMA instructor and RMS-accredited Seniors Assessor, Michael Croxton addresses a recent seniors forum at Halekulani Bowling Club at Budgewoi.

The forums address challenges drivers aged 55 and over often face, while giving valuable tips on driving and pedestrian safety.

Laura-Rose of Point Clare is delighted to have passed her Licence test on the first attempt, with the valuable assistance of NRMA instructor, Ginus Meijer. Here Laura-Rose is proudly displaying her NRMA Safer Driving School Congratulations Certificate. These certificates are great to put into your CV and job applications.

Laura-Rose of Point Clare


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Free keys2drive lesson

NRMA Safer Driving School is actively involved in keys2drive, Australia's largest national driver safety program for beginner drivers.

Funded by the Australian Government, keys2drive is a youth road safety program which provides learner drivers and their parent/supervisor with a FREE 60 minute session with an accredited driving instructor. 

NRMA Safer Driving School has accredited keys2drive instructors who can deliver this free session. See profiles for instructors able to conduct this lesson. 

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Lesson pricing

Central Coast NRMA Safer Driving School provides local students with the same "World's Best Practice" training curriculum that is unique to all NRMA driving schools. However the driver training is available at a rate that is affordable to Central Coast residents.

For Learner Drivers
Learn to drive with the experts - 60 and 90 minute lessons available. 

The 90 minute lesson is recommended for your first driving lesson as its designed to allow appropriate time to determine your driving knowledge, current skill and confidence level. This will ensure a tailored program can be properly developed to suit your needs for ongoing lessons. 

$60.00 per hour 
$64.00 per hour (or part thereof) effective 1st January 2017
Safer Drivers Course

Available to NSW learners under the age of 25 who have completed at least 50 hours on-road driving hours in their learner logbook. These hours do not include those accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.

This course aims to help young learner drivers be safer on the road once they receive their provisional licence. Completion of the course will result in a 20 hour reduction in the learner logbook. Find out more here.

$140.00 incl. GST


Senior Driving Refresher Lessons / Assessments
Great for anyone who wants to freshen up their driving skills, update their road rule knowledge and feel more relaxed prior to the assessment $68.00 1 hour Senior Refresher
$102.00 1.5 hours Senior Refresher
$85.00 Seniors Licence Assessment (1 hour)
$120.00 Senior Refresher combined with Licence Assessment (1.5 hours)

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FREE Roadside Assistance for 16 - 20 year olds

NRMA Free2go Membership is specifically designed for the needs of 16 to 20 year olds who are learning to drive or have their licence.

Free2go offer Members personal Roadside Assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that the NRMA will be there to help if the car you are travelling in has a problem, even if it's not your car* and you are a passenger.

Plus you get access to all the extra benefits of NRMA Membership, including discounts on motoring and lifestyle products and services, special offers, exclusive competitions, free motoring advise and much more.

Membership is free for the first year if you're 17-20 years old or free for 2 years if you're 16 years old. Find out more about Free2go here.

*excludes Taxi's.

NRMA Member offer 

NRMA Members are able to take advantage of our exclusive Member offer by purchasing a package voucher through their instructor.

  • 5 hour lesson voucher - receive 5% off*
  • 10 hour lesson voucher -  receive 10% off* 

Please note that some promotional lessons and products may exclude the NRMA Member offer.

*Offer is for 5 or 10 one-hour lesson vouchers which can be purchased online. Visit our terms and conditions page for full lesson and NRMA Member offer Terms and Conditions including our Cancellation Policy.

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Instructor profiles

Meet the team at NRMA Safer Driving School, Central Coast
Joanne Davidson – Automatic transmission

Joanne has a diverse career in training, instructing and guiding.

With a broad career spanning from being a Learn to Swim instructor, an outdoor activity guide and a Professional Driver in the Australian Army, Joanne is an expert in helping people overcome fears and anxiousness when trying things for the first time. Joanne combines great patience with a caring, friendly and relaxed demeanour, and possesses a fun sense of humour. With her professional approach Joanne is able to make difficult things easy to learn. Having three children of her own, with one just passing their Provisional licence, Joanne is very aware of the importance of teaching good driving skills and just as importantly...the right Attitude for Safer Driving!

Joanne is licensed to drive an assorted range of vehicles such as 4 and 6 wheel drives, buses and trucks and she has completed defensive and advanced driving courses. In her spare time she enjoys riding her motorbike, relaxing on the beach and bushwalking.


  • Safer Drivers Course facilitator
  • Safer Drivers Course coach

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Joanne Davidson
Kevin Birks - Manual transmission
Kevin Birks decided to become a professional driving instructor after his experience as a supervising driver with his three daughters. He found the supervising driver role challenging but very fulfilling and it encouraged him to learn more about the science of driving and driver training. He naturally turned to the NRMA and his career in education and training has taken off.

Importantly, Kevin has a first hand understanding of parents' concerns and fears in having their teenagers on the road, and he understands that learning to drive properly and safely is the priority in keeping young people safe. As an NRMA-trained driving instructor, Kevin finds it extremely satisfying to teach teenagers how to become competent and safe drivers. 

Patience, Practice and Perseverance are his keys to helping others adopt safer driving practices.

Away from the driving school, Kevin enjoys baseball, swimming, walking, reading, family and grandchildren. 


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach          

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Michael Croxton - Automatic transmission
As manager of NRMA Safer Driving School Central Coast, Michael has an exemplary record in the field of driver training.

He is qualified to both train and assess Instructors and much of his work in the last few years has been in coaching and developing new driving instructors.

Michael is a qualified Seniors Assessor and Rehabilitation Trainer and is accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons.

He is also a regular presenter at RYDA programs in Sydney and has present at the Central Coast RYDA program.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course facilitator
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
  • Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation - University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Deafness Awareness - Deaf Society of NSW

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Michael Croxton
Ian Morrow - Automatic transmission
Ian has 12 years of experience in the driver training industry, and is Keys2drive accredited and a Seniors Assessor.

Ian develops a great bond with his students, helped by his quirky Irish sense of humour and his bright outlook on life. Ian's second love (after wife, Mary) is the industry itself – he enjoys contact with young people and derives great satisfaction in helping them learn lifelong driving skills that will keep them safe on the road.

He operates a dual control Suzuki GV3 Automatic which he calls 'The Buggy'.

His chief pastime is going for a leisurely swim in the ocean.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Ian Morrow
Ginus Meijer - Automatic transmission
Ginus brings great drive and enthusiasm to Central Coast NRMA Safer Driving School. His passion is to share his knowledge and understanding of low risk driving techniques and to communicate the importance of safe driving to his students. Ginus is appreciated for his relaxed and patient manner and he creates a calm learning environment which assists in achieving good driving outcomes.

Becoming a Driving Instructor was an easy transition for Ginus as he wanted to make a difference and give something back to the community. He has a great rapport with his customers and enjoys teaching students of all ages.

Ginus's interests outside of the NRMA include sport, fitness, bike riding, family, friends, food and community activities.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Ginus Meijer
Jeff Mason - Manual transmission

Jeff has a background in motorsport and experienced driver training, as well as many years in the IT industry.

He has a genuine passion for road safety and firmly believes that those who enjoy driving will become better drivers. Jeff encourages his students to catch the passion of driving but also passes on great wisdom in how this enthusiasm should be tempered.

Jeff welcomes parent involvement in the teaching process. He provides instructional tips to mums and dads which helps them build more confidence as a supervising driver outside of professional lessons. Jeff often talks about what he calls the ART of driving: Attitude, Roadcraft and Technique. The latter two are foundational but Jeff says Attitude has the power to bring everything unstuck. Expect many words of wisdom in this regard!

Jeff has five children, all of whom are driving. In his spare time Jeff loves golf but doesn't play enough, social tennis and is a keen photographer.

Jeff has a very calm and patient manner, something he says he needed to have in order to survive raising five children!


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Jeff Mason
Kerry Orams - Automatic transmission

Kerry previously enjoyed a long and successful career as a driver testing officer with Roads & Maritime services where she was known for creating a great rapport with applicants of all ages. Her ability to put people at ease helped them to relax throughout the test, allowing them to demonstrate their best driving skills.

Kerry brings these abilities to NRMA where she is passionate about helping new drivers master and understand the importance of low risk driving strategies, and she can offer hints and tips to help take some of the fear and mystery out of sitting for the driving test! She also enjoys the company of our more senior drivers and is always keen to go for a refresher drive and discuss any problems or concerns they may be experiencing, especially if a driving test is coming up!

Kerry teaches in her own automatic car but is qualified to teach manual transmission and is happy to do so in your own vehicle. She is also available for lessons most weekends for those with busy weekly schedules.

When she is not on the road Kerry can often be found in a kayak on one of our many local waterways! She is also a qualified dog groomer and loves spending time with her own two dogs.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor

Book online or call 1300 696 762

Kerry Orams


Book online or call 1300 696 762

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After experiencing driver training with two non-NRMA driving instructors in Sydney, I am happy to say Michael Croxton is the best driving teacher I've found. Michael is so passionate that he often arrives early to make sure I am supported and encouraged to keep going until I get my licence. 

Michael has a gifted ability to articulate lessons so effectively. If a student is struggling to understand a concept Michael has the skills to get the right message across. It has been a very friendly and accommodating experience. Thank you Michael for all your support in getting my licence.

Rohinika Gough, Gosford NSW 2250.

My driving instructor, Ian Morrow is a happy and energetic instructor who is willing to give anyone a chance. Ian has taught me a lot about driving and about staying alive on the roads. One thing you have to be careful about when driving is hitting debris or potholes, which Ian has told me to avoid at all times. But the funny thing is, in my driveway there's a hole we never get fixed. So every time I finish my lesson, I deliberately run into that hole and Ian and I have a laugh. Every time Ian says: "the trip ain't over until Ben runs into that hole." But on a more serious note, I am happy with the NRMA for their dedication and enthusiasm for giving everyone a go. I think my money is well spent and I always learn something on every lesson. My lessons always make me feel safe and I'm encouraged to get my Ps – with NRMA Safer Driving School supporting me all the way.

Ben Bratby, Wyee NSW 2259.

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Locations covered


Our driving school offers lessons in the following areas
Alison Avoca Beach Bar Point Bateau Bay
Bay Village Bensville Berkeley Vale  Blackwall
Blue Bay  Blue Haven  Booker Bay Bouddi
Box Head Brooklyn Bucketty Budgewoi
Budgewoi Peninsula Buff Point Bushells Ridge Calga
Canton Beach Cedar Brush Creek Central Mangrove Chain Valley Bay
Charmhaven Cheero Point Chittaway Point Cogra Bay
Colongra Copacabana Crangan Bay Daleys
Dangar Island  Davistown Dooralong Doyalson
Doyalson North Durren Durren East Gosford Empire Bay
Erina Erina Heights Ettalong Forresters Beach
Fountaindale  Frazer Park  Freemans  Glenning Valley
Glenworth Valley Gorokan Gosford  Green Point
Greengrove Gwandalan Halekulani Halloran
Hamlyn Terrace Hardys Bay Holgate Horsfield Bay
Jiliby Kangy Angy Kanwal Kariong
Kiar Killarney Vale Killcare Killcare Heights
Kincumber Kincumber South Kincumber Shores Koolewong
Kulnura Lake Haven Lake Munnorah Lemon Tree
Lisarow Little Jiliby Little Wobby Long Jetty
Lower Mangrove Macmasters Beach Magenta Mangrove Creek
Mangrove Mountain Mannering Park Mardi Matcham
Milsons Passage Moonee Mooney Mooney Mooney Mooney Creek
Mount Elliot Mount White Murrays Beach Narara
Niagara Park Norah Head Noraville North Avoca
North Gosford Ourimbah Palm Grove Palmdale
Patonga Pearl Beach Peats Ridge Phegans Bay
Picketts Valley Pinny Beach Point Clare Point Wolstoncraft
Pretty Beach Ravensdale Rocky Point San Remo
Saratoga Shelly Beach Somersby Springsfield
St Huberts Island Summerland Point Tacoma Tacoma South
Tascott Ten Mile Hollow Terrigal The Entrance
Toowoon Bay Toukley Tuggerah Tuggerawong
Tumbi Umbi Umina Upper Mangrove Wadalba
Wagstaffe Wallarah Wamberval Warnervale
Watanobbi Wendoree Park West Gosford Wondabyne
Woongarrah Woy Woy Wybung Wyee
Wyee Point Wyoming Wyong Wyong Creek
Wyongah  Yarramalong Yattalunga


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