Corporate Driver Training

Corporate Driver Training

A vehicle incident is the leading cause of workplace fatalities, representing 35% of all fatalities. (Source: Safe Work Australia 2010-11)

Whether you employ a small team of drivers or manage a large fleet of vehicles, all your employees need to be responsible and safe on the road. Investing in Corporate Driver Training and Defensive Driver Trainer will help to maintain and improve safe driving behaviours and habits in your workplace.

The NRMA Safer Driving team are committed to providing professional and quality training to drivers of all ages and experience levels. Our comprehensive programs teach low risk driving behaviours, such as the importance of stopping distances, slowing down and blind spots, using the principals of adult learning in practical and realistic situations.

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Why is Corporate Driver Training so essential?

"Driving is a significant work, health and safety risk for employees, volunteers and contractors. Management has a clear, undeniable link in the chain of responsibility on this issue, regardless of who actually owns the vehicle." - Simon Tracy, Head of Safer Driving.

With many employees required to drive for a significant portion of their working day, there's an increasing awareness of the risks to health and wellbeing. Traffic incidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities, but expert driver training promotes a safe-driving culture and reinforces your existing safety protocols.

Investing in regular driver training builds awareness of safe driving techniques and reduces the risks taken on the road.

Why choose NRMA Safer Driving?

For over 95 years, the NRMA has been a trusted expert in road safety, and our programs have been developed with the benefit of this experience.
  • We cater to any organisation size and industry - from couriers to carers, sales reps, chauffers and right up to heavy vehicle drivers
  • Our programs are tailored to your organisation's unique driving needs
  • Our programs include driver training seminars and practical 'on-the-road' sessions
  • Training is completed on site and with company vehicles, so drivers are assessed in familiar conditions

Corporate Driver Training - providing low-risk driver training for experienced drivers. See our programs page for our full list of driver training solutions.

Discover how our low-risk Defensive Driver Training courses can assist in ensuring the safety of your employees and fleet. 
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