Driving simulator

Make your first lessons the safest ever.

NRMA's Safer Driving Education Centre at North Strathfield has two high-tech driving simulators, imported from The Netherlands.

NRMA Safer Driving School Simulator Lessons

The simulator sits in a VW Golf shell giving the learner a real "at the wheel" experience without the danger and anxiety of busy traffic.

Street and road scapes are simulated presenting the driver with real obstacles and risks in a variety of traffic environments.

As the learner's skill and confidence increases they are presented with different, increasingly challenging scenarios.

At all times the learner is coached and guided through the experience by one of our qualified trainers who will ascertain when they are ready to move to driving on the road.

Take your very first lessons in total safety then move to on-road lessons with more confidence - either with the NRMA operation in the Inner West of Sydney, or with our highly experienced instructors from one of our schools across NSW or the ACT. 

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Driving simulators are an important step towards creating the safest learning environment possible and ensuring our students learn about the risks and hazards of driving. 

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