Practical driving test tips

Try a practical driving test before the real thing

The more you prepare yourself for your driving test the more confident you'll be - and less likely to make mistakes. Try these driving test tips a few times before you sign-up for the real thing.

Practical Driving Test Tips | NRMA Safer Driving School

 Each time you drive, can you:

  • Show confidence in using the controls of the car
  • Leave the kerb safely - even in traffic
  • Perform a hill start without rolling back
  • Travel at suitable speeds for the conditions
  • Maintain a safe gap between you and other vehicles
  • Have mirrors adjusted correctly
  • Indicate sufficiently before turning or merging
  • Check blind spots before changing lanes
  • Brake and (if in a manual) change gears smoothly
  • Show good judgment at intersections
  • Stay in the correct lane/position on the road when turning
  • Scan ahead and take suitable action in unexpected situations
  • Stop your car smoothly one metre before the line at STOP signs and traffic lights
  • Perform a reverse parallel park, a straight line reverse, angle park and a 3 point turn
  • Drive without drifting out of the lane?

If you're unsure about your driving test, it can be helpful to get a professional instructor to put you through the paces and give you some practical driving test tips first.


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