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About us

If you want to learn to drive in the Inner West area of Sydney, then the NRMA Safer Driving School is the best place to start.

We appoint only the highest quality driving instructors, each of whom undergoes additional training to meet NRMA Safer Driving School's quality standards. Each driving instructor has been chosen not only for their skills as professional educators but for their enormous passion for what they do. Regular re-training programs ensure that all NRMA driving instructors are fully abreast of changes in industry practice and modern education techniques.

We offer driving lessons for drivers at any stage of the license process - any age and any level of driving ability.

Whether you've just got your Ls, want to refresh your driving skills or need to sit a seniors assessment, the NRMA Safer Driving School can help.

Lesson pricing

NRMA Safer Driving School Inner West provides local customers with the same "World's Best Practice" training curriculum that is unique to all NRMA driving schools at an affordable rate.

Lesson length varies from 60 minutes to 3 hours depending on individual needs, with a 90 minute ongoing driving lesson highly recommended allowing time to review previously taught competencies and introduce new material with sufficient time to practice.
For Learner Drivers
90 minute lesson (initial driving lesson)

A requirement for learner drivers who have not previously had a lesson with an NRMA safer driving instructor. The 90 minute lesson is designed to allow appropriate time to determine the Students knowledge, current skill and confidence level so a tailored program can be developed to suit their needs.  


Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.


60 – 180 minute lesson (subsequent driving lessons)

For learner drivers who have already had an initial driving lesson with an NRMA safer driving instructor. Ongoing lesson duration can vary in length depending on lesson outcome requirements. Longer sessions can also assist in managing busy schedules. Your instructor can best advise on your individual requirements. All lessons regardless of duration are structured and tailored to suit individual needs.

$82.00 per hour (or part thereof)

Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.


Safer Drivers Course

Available to NSW learners under the age of 25 who have completed at least 50 hours on-road driving hours in their learner logbook. These hours do not include those accruded through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.

This course aims to help young learner drivers be safer on the road once they receive their provisional licence. Completion of the course will result in a 20 hour reduction in the learner logbook hours. Find out more here.

$140.00 incl GST
Refresher Lessons & Licence Re-Testing/Assessment
90 minute Senior Assessment and Refresher Lesson

The preferred options for most seniors who want to brush up on their current knowledge and feel more relaxed prior to the assessment. The first half of the session is used as the refresher and may incorporate both theoretical and practical components, as required. The second half is structured with the formal assessment process and feedback.


Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.


60 minute Senior Assessment

Ideal for seniors who are very confident in their driving skills and road rule knowledge. The 60 minutes will be in the form of a formal driver assessment with very limited 'warm up' time.


Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.

60-90 minute Refresher Lesson

Great for anyone who wants to freshen up their driving skills and update their road rule knowledge at any stage in their driving lifecycle. The refresher can also target specific areas of concern as requested.

$78.00 per hour (or part thereof)

Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.

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FREE Roadside Assistance for 16 - 20 year olds

NRMA Free2go Membership is specifically designed for the needs of 16 to 20 year olds who are learning to drive or have their licence.

Free2go offer Members personal Roadside Assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that the NRMA will be there to help if the car you are travelling in has a problem, even if it's not your car* and you are a passenger.

Plus you get access to all the extra benefits of NRMA Membership, including discounts on motoring and lifestyle products and services, special offers, exclusive competitions, free motoring advise and much more.

Membership is free for the first year if you're 17-20 years old or free for 2 years if you're 16 years old. Find out more about Free2go here.

*excludes Taxi's.

NRMA Member offer

NRMA Members are able to take advantage of our exclusive Member offer by purchasing a package voucher through their instructor.

  • 5 hour lesson voucher - receive 5% off*
  • 10 hour lesson voucher -  receive 10% off* 

Please note that some promotional lessons and products may exclude the NRMA Member offer.

*Offer is for 5 or 10 hour ongoing lesson vouchers purchased either directly with your instructor or online. Each voucher is applicable to one instructor only and is not transferable between instructors. Visit our terms and conditions page for full lesson and NRMA Member offer terms and conditions including our cancellation policy.

Free keys2drive lesson

NRMA Safer Driving School is actively involved in keys2drive, Australia's largest national driver safety program for beginner drivers.

Funded by the Australian Government, keys2drive is a youth road safety program which provides learner drivers and their parent/supervisor with a FREE 60 minute session with an accredited driving instructor.

NRMA Safer Driving School has accredited keys2drive instructors who can deliver this free session. See profiles for instructors able to conduct this lesson.

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Instructor profiles

Satendra Prasad - Automatic transmission
Satendra is a patient and highly talented driving instructor with over 18 years experience. He is 100% committed to his students with the main focus of developing confident skilled drivers who make correct decisions themselves. His large customer base is a reflection of his teaching style and warm personality.

In his down time Satendra always looks forward to spending time with his family and friends as well as helping out his community when needed.

Satendra is accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons and is an RMS accredited Senior Assessor.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
  • Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation - University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Deafness Awareness - Deaf Society of NSW
Satendra Prasad
Meet some of the team at NRMA Safer Driving School, Inner West
 John Zevlikaris - Manual transmission

John's most motivating factor for being a driving instructor is the knowledge that he is making a difference in the lives of our future drivers.

He particularly enjoys working with parents or supervised drivers to provide clarity around good driving and teaching techniques which ensures the overall learning experience is enjoyable for everyone. John supports his local community where he's a member on the local safety committee which lobbies governing bodies to make their local community a safer place.

John is accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons and is an RMS accredited Senior Assessor.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course facilitator
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
John Zevlikaris
Greg Piannikov - Automatic transmission
Greg's calm nature allows him to remove the stress out of learning to drive. He loves teaching young people and particularly enjoys helping them overcome obstacles and assisting them achieve their goals. Being able to influence the attitudes of young drivers and having them realise the importance of their decisions whilst behind the wheel is Greg's main motivation for being a driving instructor.

Greg is a family man with 2 children of his own. He enjoy spending his weekends with his family either at the beach in summer or hiking during the cooler weather. He also enjoys watching a good action movie and playing the guitar.

Greg Piannikov
Noor Sheerazi - Automatic transmission
Noor is a passionate professional and dedicated instructor whose main focus is to develop independence in her students and empower them to make their own decisions to drive responsibly.

She is committed to using different teaching techniques during her lessons and enjoys working with the individual learning needs of each student.

Being a mother of two Noor loves to spend time with her family when she's not instructing. She also enjoys helping out the community where she can and often works with people who have English as their second language, providing them with assistance as a supervising driver and helped out at the local primary school with reading groups.

Noor is also accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course facilitator
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
  • Certificate in driver rehabilitation - University of Sydney
  • Certificate in deafness awareness - Deaf Society of NSW
  • NRMA Driver Training corporate trainer

Syed Shah - Automatic transmission
Syed started his career in driver training from teaching his friends and friend's children how to drive. He feels a sense of achievement and satisfaction through assisting his students to develop their driving skill from the basics of the very first drive to independent driving. Syed particularly enjoys tailoring his lessons to suit the individual learning needs of his students.

When not at work, Syed loves running and participates in local fun runs in his community. He is passionate about being able to contribute time and resources to charity works like Ronald McDonald House, and the World Food Program.

Syed is an automatic instructor and accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
Syed Shah
Steve Mitchell - Manual Transmission
Steve found his passion for driver training whilst serving in the defence forces. After exiting the army he took his experience and knowledge and built himself a career within the driver training industry where he's had several years training both truck and car drivers.

Steve thrives on new information and is continually looking for ways to develop himself to become the ideal driving instructor. He loves interacting with young people, imparting his knowledge and working with them to develop their own safe driving behaviours to take away with them for life.

Like other instructors his most enjoyable part of the job is experiencing the joy on his student's faces when they pass their driving test.


  • Keys2drive accredited instructor
  • Safer Drivers Course facilitator
  • Safer Drivers Course coach
  • NSW Older driver assessor
Steve Mitchell

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Margaret - Auburn

A lot of elderly people are petrified of not having their licences renewed after they turn 85, but I tell all of my elderly friends they have to go to the NRMA for their tests.

Rather than the RTA, I'd prefer to pay the $100 to take the refresher test with NRMA Safer Driving School. The RTA is too impersonal and the thought of going there and being tested in unfamiliar surroundings is too daunting.

I've had three different NRMA testers on three occasions. They were all perfect gentlemen and I could not fault them. They were relaxed, calm and patient – it was like taking an old friend for a drive around my district.

I just love to drive. I go everywhere, not just close to home. My daughter lives on the Central Coast and I drive there to visit her. It's important to go to different places and not limit yourself to just familiar ones as it keeps the mind active.

When I bought my new car – a little blue Honda Jazz – they told me it came with roadside assistance as part of the warranty, and I said, 'No way! I'm sticking with the NRMA'.

I'm not afraid of the next test I'm due to have when I'm 91. In fact, it's a goal to work towards as it will mean I'm doing alright and still able to drive.

Daisy - Lidcombe

I had a Keys2Drive session with your NRMA Safer Driving instructor Syed Sheerazi today.  I wanted to write to say thank you for assigning a great instructor. 

He was calm, knowledgeable, friendly and especially passionate. For me, someone who's previous instructor was constantly cursing at incoming vehicles, trees, road signs it was a refreshing experience. 

With just that 60 minute session I feel much more confident about learning to drive and much for confident about my & others safety. The details he went through with the Road Map to 6 made so much sense I'm surprised he had to explain it but I'm glad he did. I hope he continues to teach as he is definitely an asset to your business and most importantly to us (the learners out there). Thank you.

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Locations covered

Suburbs covered by our Inner West school are:
Annandale Canada Bay Holyroyd Regents Park
Abbotsford Chiswick Homebush Potts Hill
Ashfield Chullora Homebush South Rhodes
Auburn Clyde Homebush West Rodd Point
Belfield Concord Leichardt Rosehill
Berala Concord West Liberty Grove Russell Lea
Birrong Croydon Lidcombe Silverwater
Blaxcell Drummoyne Lidcombe North South Granville
Breakfast Point Enfield Lilyfield Strathfield
Burwood Five Dock Mortlake Strathfield South
Burwood Heights Granville Mount Lewis Summer Hill
Burwood North Greenacre Newington Sydney Olympic Park
Cabarita Haberfield North Strathfield Wareemba
Camellia Harris Park Parramatta Wentworth Point

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