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About us

If you want to learn to drive in Queanbeyan and surrounding area, then the NRMA Safer Driving School is the best place to start.

Our best practice curriculum focuses on low risk driving techniques to assist students to become safer drivers for life and not to just pass their driving test.

We appoint only the highest quality driving instructors, each of whom undergoes additional training to meet NRMA Safer Driving School's quality standards. Each has been chosen not only for their skills as professional educators but for their enormous passion for what they do. Regular re-training programs ensure that all NRMA driving instructors are fully abreast of changes in industry practice and modern education techniques.

We offer driving lessons for drivers at any stage of the license process - any age and any level of driving ability.

Whether you've just got your L's, want to refresh your driving skills or need to sit a seniors assessment, the NRMA Safer Driving School Queanbeyan can help.

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Meet the team at NRMA Safer Driving School, Queanbeyan:

Lynnette Thomas - Call 0414 776 540 or Book Online
Automatic Transmission - Queanbeyan & South Canberra

Lynnette's success as a driving instructor is driven by the love of her job. Her 16 years experience has enabled Lynnette to build a wealth of knowledge and adapt her teaching style to the individual needs of her students. She is extremely patient and has a quiet, pleasant personality.

Lynnette provides lessons to both ACT and NSW license holders in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas.

Lynnette holds both an ACT & NSW Driving Instructors Licence.


  • ACT & NSW Driving instructor licence
  • Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation - University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Deafness Awareness - Deaf Society of NSW

To book a lesson with Lynette click here. 


Lynette Thomas

Stewart Martin - Call 0404 146 536 or Book Online
Senior Driving Assessments - Queanbeyan

Stewart has been in the driver training industry for over 10 years. During this time he has been able to build himself a sound reputation particularly with senior drivers. He is caring, patient and extremely helpful no matter your driving experience or age.

Stewart's main focus is now on assisting mature drivers to maintain their confidence in our rapidly changing road conditions and to provide a friendly option for seniors drivers to undergo their NSW Senior Licence Assessment

He particularly enjoys working with the elderly to assist them in retaining their unrestricted drivers license for as long as possible.

Stewart is an Accredited NSW Senior Assessor

His hobbies are recording weather and playing tennis.


  • NSW Older driver assessor
  • Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation - University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Deafness Awareness - Deaf Society of NSW

To book a lesson with Stewart call 0404 146 536 or book online


Yasir Mohammad - Call 0466 110 786 or Book Online
Manual transmission - Queanbeyan & North & Central Canberra

The ongoing instructor training provided by NRMA is greatly valued by Yasir who takes pride in offering the highest standard of tuition to his students. He acknowledges that it's important to understand the road rules and regulations and sees the key challenge of his role to be embedding safe driving practices.

For Yasir this challenge comes with great rewards for his students, and therefore there's opportunity to structure effective lessons that are also an enjoyable learning experience. As new skills are learned there is a great sense of achievement and he enjoys seeing his students progress.

Yasir enjoys time behind the wheel and can often be found enjoying a countryside drive. Weekends often involve sharing a meal with family and friends, ideally outdoors, and some down time watching TV is a favourite way to unwind.

Yasir is accredited to conduct keys2drive lessons.


  • ACT & NSW Driving instructor licence
  • Keys2drive accredited instructor

Call 0466 110 786 or Book Online
Manual transmission
keys2drive Accredited
Queanbeyan, North & Central Canberra


Yasir Mohammad

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Call 1300 696 762 to book a lesson or contact the instructor direct

Instructor Lynnette enjoying the Canberra Centenary celebrations in March 2013

Instructor Lynnette enjoying the Canberra Centenary celebrations in March 2013.

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Lesson pricing

NRMA Safer Driving School Queanbeyan provides local customers with the same "World's Best Practice" training curriculum that is unique to all NRMA driving schools at an affordable rate.

Lesson length varies from 60 minutes to 3 hours depending on individual needs, with a 90 minute ongoing driving lesson highly recommended allowing time to review previously taught competencies and introduce new material with sufficient time to practice.

For Learner Drivers

90 minute lesson (initial driving lesson)

A requirement for learner drivers who have not previously had a lesson with an NRMA safer driving instructor. The 90 minute lesson is designed to allow  appropriate time to determine the Students knowledge, current skill and confidence level so a tailored program can be developed to suit their needs.  

$117.00 per hour (or part thereof)

$123.00 per hour (or part there of) commencing 1st April 2017

60 - 180 minute lesson (subsequent driving lessons)

For learner drivers who have already had an initial driving lesson with an NRMA safer driving instructor. Ongoing lesson duration can vary in length depending on lesson outcome requirements. Longer sessions can also assist in managing busy schedules. Your instructor can best advise on your individual requirements. All lessons regardless of duration are structured and tailored to suit individual needs.
$78.00 per hour (or part thereof)

$82.00 per hour (or part there of) commencing 1st April 2017

Safer Drivers Course

Available to NSW learners under the age of 25 who have completed at least 50 on-road hours in their learner logbook. These hours do not include those accruded through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.  

This course aims to help young learner drivers be safer on the road once they receive their provisional licence. Completion on the course will result in a 20 hour reduction in the learner logbook hours. Find out more here.

$140.00 incl GST
Refresher Lessons & Licence Re-Testing/Assessment
90 minute senior refresher and assessment

The preferred options for most seniors who want to brush up on their current knowledge and feel more relaxed prior to the assessment. The first half of the session is used as the refresher and may incorporate both theoretical and practical components, as required. The second half is structured with the formal assessment process and feedback.

Lesson prices vary according to location.

60 minute senior assessment

Ideal for seniors who are very confident in their driving skills and road rule knowledge. The 60 minutes will be in the form of a formal driver assessment with very limited 'warm up' time.

Lesson prices vary according to location and number of lessons purchased.

60-90 minute refresher

Great for anyone who wants to freshen up their driving skills and update their road rule knowledge at any stage in their driving lifecycle. The refresher can also target specific areas of concern as requested.
$78.00 per hour (or part thereof)

$82.00 per hour (or part thereof) commencing 1st April 2017

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FREE Roadside Assistance for 16 - 20 year olds

NRMA Free2go Membership is specifically designed for the needs of 16 to 20 year olds who are learning to drive or have their licence.

Free2go offer Members personal Roadside Assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that the NRMA will be there to help if the car you are travelling in has a problem, even if it's not your car* and you are a passenger.

Plus you get access to all the extra benefits of NRMA Membership, including discounts on motoring and lifestyle products and services, special offers, exclusive competitions, free motoring advise and much more.

Membership is free for the first year if you're 17-20 years old or free for 2 years if you're 16 years old. Find out more about Free2go here.

*excludes Taxi's.

NRMA Member offer

NRMA Members are able to take advantage of our exclusive Member offer by purchasing a package voucher through their instructor.

  • 5 hour lesson voucher - receive 5% off*
  • 10 hour lesson voucher -  receive 10% off* 

Please note that some promotional lessons and products may exclude the NRMA Member offer.

*Offer is for 5 or 10 hour ongoing lesson vouchers purchased directly with the instructor via the link within their profile above. Each voucher is applicable to one instructor only and is not transferable between instructors. Visit our terms and conditions page for full lesson and NRMA Member offer terms and conditions including our cancellation policy.

Locations covered

Suburbs covered by our Queanbeyan school are
Bannaby Bannister Baw Baw Bellmount Forest
Bevedale Biala Bigga Binda
Blakney Creek Boxers Creek Breadalbane Brisbane Grove
Broadway Bungonia Carrick Chatsbury
Collector Crooked Corner Crookwell Cullerin
Currawang Curraweela Dalton Fullerton
Golspie Goulburn Grabben Bullen Grabine
Greenwich Park Gundary Gunning Gurrundah
Jerrong Kingsdale Lade Vale Laggan
Lake Bathurst Lake George Lerida Limerick
Lost River Lower Boro Mayfield Merrill
Middle Arm Mummel Myrtleville Narrawa
Oolong Paling Yards Parkesbourne Peelwood
Pejar Pomeroy Quialigo Richlands
Roslyn Rugby Run-O-Waters Stonequarry
Tarago Tarlo Tirranaville Towrang
Tuena Wayo Wheeo Wiarborough
Windellama Wollogorang Wombeyan Caves Woodhouselee
Yalbraith Yarra

Call 1300 696 762 to book a lesson or contact the instructor direct

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