Trainer profiles

Mark Toole
Due to Mark's rural upbringing, he was required to learn to drive and ride trucks, tractors and motorbikes on the family farm from an early age (soon after learning to walk he says).

Mark holds a Multi combination licence and has extensive experience in various heavy vehicles including road trains, b doubles and semitrailers, and has also been responsible for driving the NRMA Mobile Member Centre - a 35 tonne , maximum size road safety promotional semi-trailer. 

Mark is an RMS accredited bike riding testing officer and also has a public passenger authority and bus accreditation. Mark also holds a Cert IV in workplace training and assessing as well as a Cert IV in Occupational Health & Safety.  

An enthusiastic driving and riding instructor for over 16 years, he has also delivered workplace vehicle and machinery safety programs as well as adventure rider groups and bikes to Cape York in Queensland. He is passionate about low risk use of vehicles, especially motorcycles. 

Currently Mark is the Learning and Development Consultant for Safer Driving at the National Roads and Motorists Association. 

Marks is passionate about the low risk use of vehicles especially motorcycles and his motto is: "Enjoy it …. but enjoy it safely!!"
Driver Trainer Mark Toole
Laurie Whittome
Laurie's interest in driving saw him obtain his heavy vehicle, motorcycle and circuit racing licences soon after leaving high school.

With a long career in the Finance and Asset Management of large hotels, Laurie is well versed in communicating complex principles into plain language and is very results focused.

Laurie is an accredited licence assessor with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and also presents at the F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge which is the world's largest high school technology program where students design, test and make miniature F1 cars.

Like many involved in motorsport, Laurie'' number one priority is road safety and he enjoys sharing his expertise and experience on this subject to benefit others. He believes, "The trauma caused on our roads every day is completely unnecessary".

Laurie presents the NRMA Corporate Driver Training program with one simple motivation, "To make a difference".

Driver Trainer Laurie Whittome
Tomas Vondra

Tomas has a wealth of experience within the driver training industry. Over the last 7 years, he's worked with the NRMA on instructing and training low risk driving strategies to drivers of all ages and skill levels. He's delivered programs throughout schools in NSW in collaboration with the RMS, provided coaching and assessments for senior drivers and more.

Along with a Cert IV in Transport and Logistics and Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Tomas has 15 years of experience in the finance and real estate sector as a business owner and corporate trainer.

Tomas also has 20 years of 4WD and motorcycle riding experience in Australia and Europe. Recently he completed a 12 month trip around the country with his family in a 4WD and caravan in tow.

Tomas is very passionate about improving people's lives by reducing stress and unnecessary risk, whilst enjoying the privilege of driving.

Driver Trainer Thomas Vondra
Noor Sheerazi
Noor has many years' experience working within the driver training industry as a qualified driving instructor.

Noor focuses on developing comprehensive safe driving solutions and provides simple changes to driving behaviour which attendees can easily implement into their everyday driving. These include using different techniques during her workshops which are interactive with her audience keeping them engaged and involved.

Noor has completed Driver Rehabilitation and Deafness Awareness courses and enjoys interacting and helping out with her local community on a regular basis.

And being a mother of two she knows the importance of sharing her driver training knowledge to her family and others to ensure we all, "Stay safe on the road for not only yourself and but for others".
Driver Trainer Noor Sheerazi
Steve Mitchel  
Steve found his passion for driver training whilst serving in the defence forces. After exiting the army he applied his experience and knowledge to build himself a career within the driver training industry.

As a qualified driving instructor Steve understands the importance of instilling safe driving behaviour. However as time goes on unsafe habits start to occur and Steve's knowledge in both car and truck driver training helps him assist experienced drivers to develop their own safe driving behaviours to take away with them for life.

Steve is a Qualified Driving Instructor and has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
Gerald Gallagher
Gerald Gallagher has been working within the Newcastle region as a committed and enthusiastic driving instructor for a number of years.

Gerald comes from a diverse background in education and the arts and has experience working in schools both in Australia and overseas, where he liaised with families and worked closely with members of the community.

As well as his current qualifications as a driving instructor, Gerald currently holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, a Diploma in Fine Art and has recently commenced a Masters in Special Education.

Gerald's primary skills are his patient, empathetic nature, and his ability to communicate freely and comfortably with people from a variety of backgrounds. Gerald feels a strong sense of social justice and believes he has an obligation to his clients to always give them his best.

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