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Safer Drivers Course

Safer Drivers Course consists of two modules (which are likely to be undertaken on two separate days):

Module 1 is the group discussion with a maximum of twelve learners. Learning is similar to a classroom environment. Learners must complete 50 hours on road before attending this course.

Module 2 is the in-car practical learning with a qualified driving instructor and another student.

Currently learner drivers under the age of 25 must complete a minimum of 120 supervised driving hours under a variety of conditions.

With the completion of both modules 1 and 2 of the Safer Drivers Course learner drivers will receive a 20 hour reduction in log book hours (from 120 hours to 100 hours). Learners are still also entitled to 20 hours credit for 10 hours of professional driving lessons meaning if both the Safer Drivers Course is completed and 10 hours of driving lessons are taken with a professional driving school such as NRMA Safer Driving School a total of 50 hours will be reduced from the compulsory 120 logbook hours.

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